Workshops at Data Day Texas 2016

In addition to the talks and presentations at Data Day Texas, we will be hosting a number of workshops throughout the day. Most of these will be hands-on. Please note the hardware and software requirements.

Expressing yourself with R - Hadley Wickham (RStudio)

In this mini-workshop you'll learn how to better express yourself in R. To express yourself clearly in R you need to know how to write high
quality functions and how to use a little functional programming (FP) to solve common programming challenges. You'll learn:

* The three key properties of a function.
* A proven strategy for writing new functions.
* How to use functions to reduce duplication in your code.
* How `lapply()` works and why it's so important.
* A hanful of FP tools that increase the clarity of your code.

This workshop is suitable for beginning and intermediate R users. You need to know the basics of R (like importing your data and executing basic instructions). If even if you're an advanced R user, you probably won't learning anything completely new, but you will learn techniques that allow you to solve new challenges with greater ease.

The workshop will be hands-on and interactive, so please make sure your bring along your laptop with R installed!