The Data Day Texas Schedule


2nd Floor
Tejas Room
- Registration and Morning Coffee

We have a full schedule. Best to start off with coffee.
If you need espresso, you can find it across the courtyard in the 125 cafe.
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3nd Floor
Salon C - Keynote: Charity Majors
Charity Majors (google) has been a fixture in the Bay Area data/ops scene for quite a while now. Having just left her position at Parse (acquired by Facebook) where she managed a team of production engineers responsible for the care and feeding of over 500,000 mobile apps, Charity is kicking off 2016 as co-founder of Hound -- along with fellow badasses Rick Branson and Christine Yen. We asked Charity what she wanted to talk about, and she said:
Let's talk about making better choices with software in 2016! Whether you're selecting a new polyglot persistence layer, launching a startup from scratch or modernizing a mature environment, there have never been more opportunities for chaos and disaster. The Victorian Ladies' Tea Society can help.


3nd Floor
Salon C - Kurt Brown (Netflix): Elevating Your Data Platform
Salon DE - John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science): Running Agile Data Science Teams
Conference 301 - Claudia Perlich (Dstillery): Eulogy to the Click: How predictive modeling and big data is killing our favorite metrics!

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - Rob Munro (Idibon): Keynote: Natural Language Processing
Classroom 203 - Hadley Wickham (RStudio): Expressing yourself with R (2 hours)
Classroom 202 - Preetha Appan (Indeed): Building Recommendations at Scale: Lessons Learned


3nd Floor
Salon C - Eric Sammer (Rocana): High cardinality time series search: a new level of scale
Salon AB - Office Hour with Kurt Brown of Netflix
Salon DE - Ben Reiter: Delivering Real Time Analytics for Mobile Ad Serving
Conference 301 - Michael Berthold (KNIME): Data Science for the Masses: Mission Impossible?

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - Ted Dunning (MapR): Modern Streaming Analytics, Flow versus State

1st Floor
Classroom 106 - Michelle Casbon (Idibon): Under the Hood of Idibon’s Scalable NLP Services


3nd Floor
Salon C - Jay Kreps (Confluent): Apache Kafka and the Stream Data Platform
Conference 301 - Homin Lee (DataDog): Detecting Outliers and Anomalies in Real-Time at Datadog
NEW Salon AB - Office Hour with Hadley Wickham of RStudio
Salon DE - Patrick McFadin: Storing Time Series Data with Apache Cassandra
NEW Salon AB - Office Hour with Eric Sammer of Rocana

2nd Floor
NEW Amphitheater 204 - Hank Roark (H2O): Force multiplier for data science: Introduction to H2O
Classroom 203 - Peter Zaitsev (Percona): MySQL 5.7 in a Nutshell

1st Floor
Classroom 106 - Ellen Friedman (MapR): Data Decisions and Society


3nd Floor
2nd Floor
Tejas Room - Lunch
1st Floor


3nd Floor
Salon C - Eric Schmidt (Google): Two Worlds Become A Much Better One
Salon DE - Luca Garulli (OrientDB): Polyglot Persistence vs Multi-Model Databases
Conference 301 - Diego Oppenheimer (Algorithmia): Algorithm Marketplaces and the new "algorithm economy"
Salon AB (O'Reilly Room) - Booksigning/Office Hours with Jay Kreps

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - Ryan Mitchell (LinkeDrive): Spelunking the Web with Python: Writing Scrapers for Any Situation
Classroom 203 - Peter Zaitsev (Percona): MySQL Indexing Best Practices
NEW - Classroom 202 - Corey Lanum (Cambridge Intelligence): Intro to Graph Visualization

1st Floor
Classroom 106 - Christopher Moody (Stitchfix): word2vec, LDA, and introducing a new hybrid algorithm: lda2vec


3nd Floor
Salon C - Patrick McFadin (DataStax): Laying down the SMACK on your data pipelines
Salon DE - Carl Anderson (Warby Parker): Creating a Data-Driven Organization
Conference 301 - Fintan Quill (KX): Time-series analytics for Big Data and IoT
Salon AB (O'Reilly Room) - Booksigning/Office Hours with Ryan Mitchell author of Webscraping with Python

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - Hank Roark (H2O): Fast, Distributed Machine Learning for Python using H2O
Classroom 203 - Michael Berthold (KNIME): Blending Tools and Data in KNIME: From .csv, R, and Python to Spark, MLlib and Hive
Classroom 202 - Kent Graziano: Data Warehousing - 2016

1st Floor
Classroom 106 - Nick Gaylord (Idibon): Starting from scratch: Exploring and analyzing text data in Idibon Studio


3nd Floor
Salon C - Joel Grus (Google): Learning (and Teaching) Data Science from First Principles
Salon DE - Holden Karau (IBM): Beyond Shuffling - Tips & Tricks for Scaling Apache Spark Programs
Conference 301 - Douglas Daniels: Parquet at Datadog: Fast, Efficient, Portable Storage for Big Data
Salon AB (O'Reilly Room) - Booksigning/Office Hours with Carl Anderson author of Creating the Data-Driven Organization

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - jonathan Gray (Cask): Data Lake Architectures and the fast path with Cask Hydrator
Classroom 203 - Eddie Garcia (Cloudera): Data Security for Smart Cities
NEW Classroom 202 - Russell Jurney: Crowdsourcing like a boss: how to recruit, train, promote and employ a virtual workforce

1st Floor
Classroom 101 - Jason Kessler (CDK): From Sentiment to Persuasion Analysis
Classroom 106 - William Lyon (Neo4j): Natural Language Processing With Graph Databases


3nd Floor
Salon C - Sarah Guido (Bitly): The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Salon DE - Stephen O'Sullivan (Silicon Valley Data Science): Choosing an HDFS data storage format: Avro vs. Parquet and more
Salon AB (O'Reilly Room) - Booksigning/Office Hours with Joel Grus, author of Data Science from Scratch
Salon AB (O'Reilly Room) - Booksigning/Office Hours with Holden Karau

2nd Floor
Amphitheater 204 - Fangjin Yang (Imply) Open Source Lambda Architecture with Kafka, Samza, Hadoop, and Druid
Classroom 203 - Nakul Jeirath (Wellaware) A Journey from Relational to Graph Database
Classroom 202 - Ed Capriolo (Huffington Post) Building a NoSQL database from scratch

1st Floor
Classroom 101 - Brent Schneeman (Homeaway): NLP @HomeAway: how to mine reviews and track competition
Classroom 106 - Lukas Biewald (Crowdflower): Why human-in-the-loop machine learning is the future of data science


2nd Floor
Tejas Room - Meet and Greet with the Data Day Speakers