NLP Day Texas - a conference within a conference

Based on community demand, this year we are launching NLP Day Texas - a conference within a conference. Your ticket to Data Day includes NLP Day and all the Natural Language Processing content as well. The keynote for this year's NLP Day will be given by Rob Munro, CEO and Co-founder of Idibon - one of the hottest NLP/Text startups in the country. Also coming from Idibon are Nick Gaylord and Michelle Casbon. Michelle joined Idibon after meeting them at last year's Data Day Texas. Nick was formerly an instructor in the UT Linguistics Dept.

Speakers already confirmed for the inaugural NLP Day are:
Robert Munro, CEO, Idibon

Lukas Biewald from Crowdflower
Christopher Moody from StitchFix
Nicholas Gaylord from Idibon
Brent Schneeman from Homeaway
Jason Kessler from CDK Digital Marketing
Michelle Casbon from Idibon

We will be publishing abstracts of talks and additional speakers over the next few weeks. If you'd like to join as a speaker, feel free to submit a proposal.

Here is the list of confirmed Data Day Speakers.
Here is the list of confirmed Data Day Sessions.